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Three Christmas Wishes five-stars

Three Christmas Wishes & Christmas on Candy Cane Lane By: Sheila Roberts

Three Christmas Wishes
By: Shelia Roberts
Publisher/Year: Mira, 2016
Fiction, Novel, Romance, Holidays, Christmas
Some Adult Language

Plus(es): Relatable characters, Humor sprinkled throughout the story, Feel good read

This has become one of my new holiday favorites. It follows three main protagonists. Riley who is an elementary school teacher wrapped up in the flurry of activity surrounding her impending Christmas nuptials. Jo, Riley’s sister, is expecting a baby. The nursery is prepared for a little girl, and Jo and her husband are tickled pink. Riley and Jo’s dear friend Noel is a children’s author who dreams of owning the house that she is currently renting.

One day, the three ladies visit the mall to see Santa and share their Christmas wishes. Santa gives the friends three unexpected messages which will shake up their well-laid plans. This leads to entertaining shenanigans.

This book will make you want to curl up and drink a warm cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Light hearted and a fun read!

Awards/Recognition: National Bestselling Author *5 stars

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane
By: Shelia Roberts
Series: Life in Icicle Falls
Publisher/Year: MIRA, 2015
Fiction, Romance, Holidays, Christmas
Some Adult Language

Plus(es): Shelia Roberts’s writing style
Minus(es): Slow paced story line

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane follows the lives of three women who live on the same street that embodies Christmas. I admit that I read this as a stand-alone book at Christmas time and not as part of the Life in Icicle Falls series, so this might skew my perception of the book and its characters.

Tilda is an independent police officer that is the new proud owner of a fixer-upper on Candy Cane Lane. She is thrilled at the prospect of transforming her first house into her vision until she realizes she is expected to “keep up with the Jones,” or in this case, the Donaldson’s.

Maddy Donaldson is the driving force around the over the top Christmas festivities. She is married to Alan, the local hardware store owner, and they have a brooding adolescent daughter named Jordan. Maddy has the sense that she needs to be the perfect person for everyone. However, this is causing a rift with her family that is feeling neglected.

Ivy is a single mother with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is a diligent worker at her family’s business and raising two children on her own. Also, some people have the perception that Ivy is conceited. If she didn’t have enough problems, her cheating ex-husband is coming around trying to reconcile.

I was disappointed because I anticipated more comedic relief in a Shelia Robert’s book. I also felt like the pacing of the story was a bit slow. I would recommend Three Christmas Wishes over this book.

Awards/Recognition: National Bestselling Author *3 ½ stars

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