Hi Everyone,

My name is Christina, and I live with my supportive husband and our adorable cat in the United States. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, blogging, scrapbooking, and swimming.

My background includes earning a Master’s Degree in Reading and Master’s Degree in Library Science. I have taught Kindergarten and Second Grade and substituted at every grade level from Pre-K through Sixth Grade. Also, I have a certification to teach Kindergarten to Sixth Grade with a cross-endorsement as a School Media Specialist Grades K-12.

For several years, I taught English as a Second Language, English, Study Skills, and Math in a nearby college where I was also an Academic Librarian and worked closely with the Early Childhood Department. During that time, I had the pleasure of presenting at several conferences.

I consider myself a lifelong teacher and learner.

Here is an overview of the three (3) parts of my blog:


1.Teacher-Teachers/Librarians/Parents- there are so many fabulous children’s books out there. I will never be able to read them all, but I love hearing about which books educators and parents are using to teach different themes, concepts, and skills. Here is an example of a post for elementary school teachers Pre-K- Fifth Grade, librarians, and parents. 10 Incredible Individuals &  (2 Math Activities)


2.Reader- I encourage your input. If you have a different opinion about a book being reviewed, feel free to share your experience with the book.

I will usually review my favorite genres which are: cozy mysteries, mysteries, young adult, nonfiction business and personal development, fantasy, romance, children’s books(which are found in the Teacher section of this blog.) I provide warnings on any young adult book that contains mature themes because the category young adult covers thirteen years olds-people in their twenties. Here is a sample of a book review post for One of us is Lying by Karen McManus.


3. Life-The Lifestyle section will feature reviews of items/services that have enhanced my life, and hopefully, they will enrich your lives, too. Starting this year, I will also create posts about blogging from time to time. This will also come under the heading of Lifestyle. Here is an example lifestyle post.  Ten for Thirty-10 Terrific Baby Gifts around Thirty Dollars   

*Brand New: Resources For Bloggers

How to Set up & Monetize a Blog: Tools, Tips, & a Tutorial

**Also New: A Side segment called Daily Deals in the Top Menu bar. This is a changing collection of daily deals in the form of coupons, programs (like EBATES), and other offers. This section will change on a regular basis, so visit every day and see what’s new! I have not used every single item in the list, but I want to extend the saving offers to you.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you!



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